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Jul 29, 2010 9:00am EDT
canned food liners and baby bottles. the study named giants like mcdonald's, safeway, and the u.s. post office is handing out bpa receipts. >> we're not sure yet how much could come in through the skin, but this is an exposure we should pay attention to, considering that data shows that 93% of us have this chemical in our body. >> health issues, including some cancers and reproductive problems. the legislature was currently trying to ban the chemical from children's products. the bpa used to coat with thermal paper. >> the whole paper has this bpa, it can wipe off on to our fingers or on to anything else. >> the american chemistry council says receipts contain low levels of bpa and not readily absorbed through the skin. the ban on baby products, the group sited other major studies that said the chemical is fine. >> you have to look at the data collectively. >> companies like starbucks, target, and bank atm's use bpa free paper. >> i am really going to continue to wash my hands really good. i don't want to touch them after this. this a shock to me. >> i will try to not ask for re
Jul 1, 2010 9:00am EDT
. as kelly swoope tells us, two young children caught in the middle as this battle wages from the u.s. to trinidad. >> this is stan and leah in much happier times. >> i don't hate my wife. i'm hurt by what she did. i don't think that she's in the right frame of mind. >> what leah did, according to stan, is take their two young children away from their toys, their home, out of the country to her native land of trinidad. she is just ten months old and gabrielle is 2. >> it's been five months now, okay, and the first month was the hardest. >> even if she didn't want to be with me anymore, i wouldn't do that to our children. >> the couple met online and marry add year later. >> this is the first time you met? >> first time. >> how long had you communicated online? >> probably six months. >> marital problems began last move according to stan. he's been a paramedic firefighter with baltimore county for more than 20 years. so he is trained to handle difficult situations. >> i deal with crisis a lot, but it's really different. >> he seen his children once, for one hour and 15 minu
Jul 5, 2010 9:00am EDT
-- ancestors moved to catonsville. she was tracked down by her u.s. family and agreed to make her first trip to america. >> it was very emotional. when you think of the struggle they had. they left ireland, had nothing. and came here and had no family. nobody with them. and they had to set up on their own. they are all doing very well. what you see today, big family. it's really fantastic. >> reporter: from one end of the county to the other thousands of folks lined the streets in the heart of dundalk for that community's annual parade. the dundalk parade goes back many years and is always fun. for many folks it just isn't the fourth without getting a good seat in the front row and celebrating with friends and family. >> i love the fire engines for one thing. i love the bands. see how far they come. how many come. been a good tradition in dundalk. good parade. good weather. good friends. >> their parents are here and grandparents are here and great aunts and great uncles. i see the same people lined up every year, year after year. on the other side of the street. there is not anything i cann
Jul 16, 2010 9:00am EDT
's measured by the u.s. geological survey. felt in westminster, york and centreville onto the eastern shore. if there's after-shocks, you won't feel it 2 and lower. we'll get quite a bit of those around here. you just don't know about it because you don't feel it. either way, we've got to go from the shake now to the bake this afternoon. it's all about the heat. we're already up to 84 degrees route now in carney. 82 in manchester and on the eastern shore, centreville checking in at 86 right underneath our logo. overall, though, 83 is the official number in baltimore at 9:00 in the morning. 80s new york down through norfolk. we'll combine the humidity and build up the pollutants in the air quality today really not good. code orange is unhealthy for sensitive groups. we've done this drill so many times. ease up on the outdoor activities if you don't have to. keep plenty of fluids because it will be tough to cool your body off. with the humidity around, the sweat just builds and doesn't allow your body to lower its thermostat. watch this this after moon. frontal boundary producing showers back
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4